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Cufflinks – what you need to know

Cufflinks are items of male jewellery and fashion accessories used instead of buttons on shirt sleeves.

Cufflinks require that the shirt have French or double cuffs, where the sleeve ends  are longer usual – reaching to the knuckles. The sleeve is folded, and held together with the cufflinks through holes on each side. Unlike normal shirts, the cuffs on French shirts don’t overlap but rather join up, being closed with the cufflink.

Cufflinks are usually decorative reflecting the tastes or fashion of the wearer and are regarded as a statement. For many cufflinks are the ultimate men’s fashion, the one item in your attire that define your style, personality and allow you to stand out as a man of character. For geeks, cufflinks such as the Batman Cufflink or Circuit Board cufflink – if worn with corresponding matching clothing – send a signal of who you are and who you are and what stand for.

Got a question for the cufflinkguru? The Geek Cufflinks Cufflink Guru answers your questions. Contact him at Twitter/cufflinkguru or ask your question below in the comment section and we’ll have him answer them for you.

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