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Staff Picks – September 2014

blue apple cufflinksThe cufflinks picked this month are not just appropriate for a certain event this but also delightful cufflinks to wear anytime of year.

In a huge press event, Apple unveiled the the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and of course the Apple Watch. Geek Cufflinks are 50/50 fans of Cupertino; this blog post is being typed on a shiny Macbook Air which we like, but when it comes to phones it’s Android that gets the attention here. But either way, you have to admire Apple design and fittingly we love the design of these Apple style cufflinks.

Shaped in the style of the famous bitten Apple and in a glorious vibrant Blue these cufflinks not only appeal to Apple fans and complement any Apple product they are also stylish in their own right and go well with most shades and styles of Blue ties and dark clothing wonderfully.

They are also a bargain, with a price of under £20!  Everyone, Apple fans or not, should have a pair of


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