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Retro Rotary Phone Dial Cufflinks

On 11, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In | By admin

Retro Rotary Phone Dial Cufflinks

Take a walk down memory lane with these lovely retro rotary dial phone cufflinks inspired by 1970’s GPO telephones.

Featuring the classic rotary dial design of home telephones from the days before digital they’ll make anyone who grew up before the Internet, touch screens and iphones chuckle.

Now only £21.95.

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Ray Gun Cufflinks

On 03, Jul 2013 | In | By admin

Ray Gun Cufflinks

Fans of 1950s sci-fi will love these delightful, detailed and colourful ray-gun cufflinks. More Forbidden Planet blaster than Star Trek phaser, these will appeal to all sci-fi disintegrator gun fans.

Now available for just £19.95 with free cufflink box and includes free postage.

Apple Cufflinks in Blue – under £20

On 24, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In | By admin

Apple Cufflinks in Blue – under £20

These distinctive high quality cufflinks standout but will also complement many ties and shirts, making them not just a must have for Apple fans but an elegant accessory as well.

  • Very high quality manufacture.
  • Come in presentation box
  • Vibrant Blue, instant talking point at meetings

Now available for just £18.00! – Order now!






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Dr Who Tardis Cufflinks – Save £35!

Dr Who Tardis Cufflinks – Save £35!

buy-now-smallSharp dressing Dr Who fans will love these Gallifreyan time traveller Tardis cufflinks.

Now just £24.99, normally £61, get yours now before they disappear in a temporal vortex! Buy These Now!

  • Comes in gift box.
  • Made from High quality premium silver stainless steel.

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