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Geek Goodness

Yeah, we know you came here looking for cufflinsk but stay with us!

Cufflinks is what this site is about but at heart We’re huge geeks and love anything that celebrates geekyness and when it comes to cool geek craft you have to check out Etsy. Here are three items we’ve stumbled across on Etsy that any self-respecting geek will love.

Rescuing Old Typewriters

il_570xN.469626125_e9qwExpensive but perfect in so many ways, these old rescued typewriters are converted into USB keyboards suitable for PC, Mac, or even iPad.The manufacturer, Jack Zylkin, hand converts these wonderful old fashioned typewriters into USB keypads adding a touch of steampunk glory while saving a bygone technology.


USB Typewriter

Circuit Board Pens

il_570xN.406905018_2mhsWho needs a sonic screwdriver when you can have a circuit board pen.Mission City Pens takes real computer printed circuit boards wraps and transforms them into delightful geeky pens.> Mission City Pens

RAM keyring

il_570xN.183903012Before SD Cards and SSD disks computer memory was upgradable and came on strips of circuit board with the chips solded on them.If you’re, erm how shall we put it, of a certain age and hunger for the good old days of technology then you’re also possibly of the age when you start misplacing your keys. We do.

In this case you’ll love these RAM board key rings.

Great value too!


Found any other cool Geekery on Etsy? I’ve love to hear about them, just drop us a line below or on Twitter (@geekcufflinks). And, if you’re in the market for computer-geekness, take a look at our collection of computer cufflinks.

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