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Cufflinks of the month



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Geek cufflink of the month

Each month we pick what we think are the most geeky cufflinks we’ve come across, with points awarded for quality, elegance, general geekery and most of all engineering brilliance.

Our inaugural Geek Cufflinks of the Month goes to the amazing iCufflinks v1.0 from  Adafruit (note the version number, extra points and even more for the fact that it has real meaning as we’ll see in a minute).


The cufflinks themselves just ooze quality, with machined aluminum and screw in base for the back compartment to hold the batteries.

What makes them really standout and easily the winner here however is that Adafruit has open-sourced the technology inside – the source code, circuit board files, schematics and CAD files are posted on code sharing site Github. If you’re so inclined you can make hack your own version, changing the pulse rate for example.

There are a few downsides to them, as per the Amazon reviews, such as lack of an off-switch and slightly hard to fit design, but as this is a version 1 product we’d hope an update will be along soon and these don’t detect from the basic concept.

Simply wonderful, elegant and very geeky cufflinks.

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