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Father’s Day Cufflink Gift Ideas

Looking for ideas for a father’s day gift idea? The team at Geek Cufflinks round up the cufflinks they hope to get this June 16th.

Cufflinks Under £10

circuitboard-cufflinksAs a general present, any geek will love these but as an affordable, fun and unique geek-dad Father’s Day gift these are hard to beat. 

Encased in clear cover to ensure the delicate but beautiful circuitry underneath lasts, these cufflinks scream techie-nerd but with their intricate design.

Part of our computer cufflinks collection, they’re great value at just at just £6.99.


£10 – £30 Cufflinks

e=mc2 squared cufflinksWhat geek dad wouldn’t like these to wake up to on Fathers Day.

Sleek and professional, and at £14 what’s not to like.


£30 – £50 Cufflinks

startrek cufflinks Star Fleet Command United Federation of PlanetsThese Star Trek federation cufflinks – and in particular these from our Star Trek cufflinks collection are always popular with dads, especially those who grew up with the StarTrek and STNG series.

With Red, black and white colouring they also complement many shirts and ties and won’t look out of place in even the most professional of environments. Available now for £42.99.


£50 – £100 Cufflinks

Siliver Steampunk cufflinks
Dads who apprieciate style and quality will just love these steam punk cufflinks. With an elegant gun mental finish and intricate watch movement internals they oooz sophistication and elegance.
buy-now-small Get your dad these now for £77.88.

If you still don’t see anything your dad will like, take a look around the Geek Cufflinks website; the cufflinks are all hand-picked and selected for quality, finish, looks and price.


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